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WHY we recommend Life Plus

Reputation or "track record" has a lot to do with why we trust some products over others. Commitment to using a Life Plus program of supplements for 60 to 90 days, could change your life. Life Plus has been on the leading edge of technology for many years and the history behind this company gives both the customer and independent distributor a feeling of stability.

Life Plus puts about 4 times more cost into manufacturing their products in comparison to other manufacturers. So, you could safely say that you are getting 4 times the value in comparison to over-the-counter or traditional products.

Life Plus is serious about supplying you with products that will make a difference in your health! We're not just a pretty bottle with fancy, expensive advertising. Research is on-going and you will find a lot of educational material (and scientific references) on our product pages.

Many Life Plus clients have asked, "What makes your products so different?" They usually ask this because they have experienced the benefits from one or more of our products. Yet a friend of theirs, taking supposedly the same type of product by a different manufacturer, has received little or no benefits.

One reason could be the care Life Plus takes in formulating products and the quality of the raw materials used. This type of care allows Life Plus to assure you that all products are formulated to provide optimal quality to our customers. This is a tradition we will never compromise.

Let's face it, as the consumer becomes more aware of the importance of the role vitamins, minerals and antioxidants play in maintaining optimal health, many companies are rushing into the marketplace with cheap products and misleading advertising. Numerous examples of this may be seen by the following:

According to an article from the Baltimore Sun dated March 31, 2000, the University of Maryland studied 52 products that were reported to have a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Of the products tested, only five had the amount of chondroitin sulfate listed on the label. In a study in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association this year, only five of 32 chondroitin sulfate products tested had 90-100% of the level of active ingredient claimed in the label. Seventeen had less than half the amount claimed in the label.

Another such article was released by Reuter's health service. Larry Augsburger, a University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Professor, reports that many herbal supplements do not contain adequate levels of active ingredients and some have no active ingredients at all. Tests of fifteen DHEA supplements found that only seven had DHEA content within 90-110 % of the label claim. In one product, no DHEA, a basic hormone, was detected, while in two others, only trace amounts were found. A testing of ginseng products found that some brands had no ginseng at all, Augsburger said.

Isn't it comforting to know that Life Plus is still maintaining its quality and integrity and has not caved in to the pressure of the current pricing and marketing situation. Also, remember every time you purchase a Life Plus product, you're doing the best you can for your family.

More about LIFE PLUS
Most of the Life Plus products are manufactured "in-house" and the potency and quality is monitored closely on all products.

Things to look for in a good quality supplement:

There is also a Medical and Scientific Advisory Board with highly respected health practitioners to keep us informed on the latest developments in nutritional science. Heading this board is the world respected Oncologist and Hematologist, Dr. Dwight L. McKee, M.D.

The Life Plus Cancer Research Foundation believes that the cure for cancer lies in integrating new and existing therapies in order to create a customized treatment plan for each individual patient's needs. Our mission is to provide funding for patient participation in research studies that validate these customized treatment plans. This research will ultimately establish a new standard for patient care.

Life Plus proudly donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all products to the Life Plus Research Foundation.

And.... our products are not tested on animals!

Life Plus is so confident that you will experience the difference in their products, that you receive a 30 day money back guarantee. Originally sold only to doctor's - but, now we make these products available directly to you. With over 50 years experience in providing "doctor quality" leading edge nutritional supplements, why would you want to go anywhere else?


Life Plus accurately reflects the personalities and philosophies of its founders, who are as unique as the company. Tim Nolan has been President of the manufacturing area of this organization since 1983. In addition to running the manufacturing, his experiences have included several years as an Operational Vice President. Tim has been involved in network marketing since 1982.

The president, J. Robert Lemon, R.Ph. is a pharmacist who graduated from Ohio State University and began his career developing retail pharmacies. He became involved in new and inventive areas of health care, specializing in enzymes and metabolic nutrition, during the 1960's. He has an extensive background in European natural therapies and has worked closely with researchers and clinicians around the world. He has been involved with two different offshore hospitals during the 1970's where natural medicine prevailed.

Bob has always been an innovator and has introduced many concepts that are used in nutritional products today. Included are many unique herbal combinations, proteolytic enzyme mixtures, lyophilized tissue concentrates and methods of formulating to maximize the synergy, bioavailability and bioactivity of nutritional products.

More on Dr. Lemon -

The co-founders of Life Plus have been in business together since 1982 and have built several other successful companies.

With more than half the U.S. population suffering from nutrient deficiencies, the answer should be obvious. Many health care professionals are now beginning to advocate supplementing as a way to improve health. Although we are all different and have special bionutritional needs, we can experience increased energy, protect against premature aging and support the immune system.

With the high stress lifestyles and the environmental problems of today, there are more reasons than ever for taking nutritional supplements. The widespread use of chemicals in fertilizers may produce "wholesome-appearing" foods. However, reports indicate that the soil is depleted of minerals and other nutrients. Only a fraction of those are replaced each growing season. There is an enormous use of pesticides that soak into the skins and flesh of the fruits and vegetables. Using these things causes our food supply to look good. But, what is it doing to our health?

Did you know that some food value is lost within hours of picking? Storage practices and modern processing methods add to the loss of nutrients. By the time it reaches our tables, we have lost much of the food value. Add to that the cooking process (which destroys enzymes and vitamins), and we have a real problem. With fast foods, fried foods and pre-packaged meals as a main stay of many in the U.S., What can we do? Try to eat more un-processed foods (more fresh fruits and vegetables), use filtered water, exercise, reduce stress and take supplements daily.

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